4 Days on Martha’s Vineyard, Prologue: The Lonely Biscuits

Mark Bousquet:

I’m headed off for a Weekend Wedding. This is the first post detailing the trip.

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Marthas Vineyard Map

In a little under eight hours, I’ll board the first leg of a three-plane trip that will from Reno to Providence, Rhode Island for my brother’s wedding. The wedding isn’t in Providence, it’s on Martha’s Vineyard, which is an island off the southeastern coast of Massachusetts. This will put the total trip time at about 24 hours. Reno to San Francisco, then wait. San Francisco to Newark, then wait. Newark to Providence, then wait. Providence to the ferry, then wait. The ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, then cab to the first of two hotels I’ll be staying in this weekend.

Though not at the same time, because that would be expensive.

(Just kidding. Everything on Martha’s Vineyard is expensive.)

This trip will interrupt the World Cup (Hypothetical) Travelogues a bit, but expect them to resume next week.

When I travel, I like to board Darwin at the kennel and then just…

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