Atomic Interview #22: Talking LANCE STAR and MAJOR LACY with Bobby Nash


Major John Tatersall Lacy, known to his mysterious benefactors as Mr. Sunday, returns in new adventures leading an amazing fighting force, Amusement, Inc. in a war against the Underworld! Created by Theodore A. Tinsley, Amusement, Inc. is a group of former Marines who bring their considerable talents and military tactics to bear in a new battle– the war on crime. The group is funded by six mysterious men who make up the Emergency Council to Combat Crime and keep their identities hidden behind codenames based on the days of the week. Taking the codename Mr. Sunday, Major Lacy leads Amusement, Inc. in the field and is assisted by three trusted aides. Together they lead their small army in an ongoing mission- to bring the battle for the law and justice to those who rule the Underworld and WIN! From out of the Past comes new tales of one of Pulp’s Greatest Citizen Soldiers! Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press presents a new volume in its PULP OBSCURA line! THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MAJOR LACY AND AMUSEMENT, INC.!

Welcome, all, to the latest Atomic Interview. I’m joined this time out by Bobby Nash to talk about two of his many current projects, LANCE STAR: SKY RANGER, VOLUME 4 and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MAJOR LACY AND AMUSEMENT, INC. Bobby is one of the busiest writers in the New Pulp movement, so I would like to thank him for taking some time out of his schedule to chat with me and I’d like to encourage all of you to check out Bobby’s Amazon Author’s Page.

Mark Bousquet: Thanks for joining me, again, Bobby. You’re one of the busiest and most respected New Pulp writers working. You’ve had three recent short story releases following the publication of SNOW FALLS all the way back in March. How do you decide on which anthologies you’ll contribute to? Is it solely about the project? Do things like having an open writing slot or the publisher play a role?

Bobby Nash: Yes, yes, and yes. Or should that be “all of the above”? In all seriousness, I decide what anthologies to be part of in a few different ways. Space on my schedule is a big factor and most of the writing gigs I have to turn down happen because I can’t squeeze it into my schedule in a timely fashion. Sometimes, however, a project comes across my desk that is just too cool or interesting to pass up. Then a decision has to be made. Plus, there are times you do stories for publishers or editors because they ask as a favor.

LSSR4 cover final

High flying Thrills! Rev up those Pratt-Whitney engines, pull back on the stick and prepare for take-off, as LANCE STAR – SKY RANGER gets ready to soar into the clouds in this, his fourth volume of high flying adventures. Once again it’s time to join America’s aviation ace, Lance Star and his faithful team; Buck Tellonger, Cy Hawkins, Jim Nolan and Red Davis as they fly into four brand-new hair-raising tales. From discovering a hidden Nazis base on lost South Seas Island inhabited by prehistoric monsters to foiling an assassination attempt on President Roosevelt, the Sky Rangers travel the globe tackling danger wherever they go.. So goose your fuel lines, spin the props of your Skybolts and Skeeter and prepare yourself for classic pulp action. Writers Bobby Nash, Sean Taylor, Andrew Salmon and Jim Beard have delivered a quartet of fast-paced, high soaring stories to keep you buckled up tight. PULP FICTION FOR A NEW GENERATION!

MB: LANCE STAR: SKY RANGER is now into its fourth volume of stories. What’s “Ring of Fire” about?

BN: Lance and the Sky Rangers take on a job delivering cargo to a science expedition in the fabled Ring of Fire, an area in the Pacific Ocean known for its seismic and volcanic instability. On approach the island, Lance and Co. are set upon by wild creatures that can only be described as pterodactyls. What’s worse, once they arrive on the island, they learn two very shocking things. First, there are Nazi agents on the island and they are experimenting on the creatures. Oh, yeah, and the island isn’t so much an island as it is a volcano, one that’s ready to erupt.

MB: This is your fourth Lance Star prose story. What draws you back to this world?

BN: I love these characters and I have a great time writing Lance’s pulpy tales. There’s something fun about playing in this era and with the Sky Rangers, they can fit into almost any kind of story. The sky truly is the limit with them.

MB: Who are Major Lacy and Amusement, Inc.? How long have you been a fan of these Theodore Tinsley creations?

BN: Major John Tattersall Lacy leads Amusement Inc., a group of former Marines, each with unique skills and talents as they wage new battles in the war on crime. Amusement, Inc. is funded by six mystery men called the Emergency Council. That’s the basics.

Oddly enough, or not so odd I guess for an imprint called Pulp Obscura, I was unfamiliar with the characters before Pro Se’s Tommy Hancock invited me on board with a special request. The original run of Amusement Inc. stories ended on a cliffhanger. I was tasked with writing the conclusion to that story. No pressure there, huh?

MB: Lots of pressure but also a tremendous honor! What’s “House of Revenge” about?

BN: The final Amusement Inc. story was called “House of Crime” and it ended on a cliffhanger. My story in this new volume, “House of Revenge” picks up just a short time afterward.

MB: One of the many things that makes you such a good writer is how quickly you are able to get readers into your stories. “Ring of Fire” starts off right in the middle of intense action while “House of Revenge” starts with one character in a contemplative mood. Despite the differing tones, I’m drawn almost immediately into both stories. How do you approach writing opening paragraphs?

BN: The opening has to grab the reader. It really is your first chance to convince them to read the story. I make sure that the openings would work for me as a reader when I write and then hope for the best. I generally like to start with either a catchy piece of dialogue or in the middle of things so we hit the ground running, although it varies from story to story.

MB: Any other projects you’d like to tell us about?

BN: In addition to Major Lacy and Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 4, Box Thirteen – Adventure Wanted! was recently released by Radio Archives in both audiobook and ebook. I understand there might be a print version coming too. Box Thirteen – Adventure Wanted! features stories by Jim Beard, Barry Reese, Andrew Salmon, and Bobby Nash. Cover art is by Doug Klauba. You can read more about it at

Here are a few upcoming projects that will be available soon:

-Alexandra Holzer’s Ghost Gal “The Wild Hunt” is a novel I wrote for Raven’s Head Press. It’ll be out within the month.

-Snow Storm from The Stark Raving Group will be out in ebook this summer. Snow Falls is still available as well.

-At The Earth’s Core from Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse Comics is a graphic novel adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novel. It’ll be out sometime this year. and

-Domino Lady “Money Shot” is a novel coming out in September from Moonstone Books.

– News and updates will be posted to as they are available.

Bobby Nash

Bobby Nash

MB: You’re fairly active on the convention circuit. What are your con plans for the summer?

BN: April, May, and June are pretty busy. July is pretty quiet. August and September are also busy. I do a lot of conventions. You can see the full list at under the conventions/appearances tab.

MB: Where can people go to learn more about you and your work?

BN: My main site is That’s the easiest way to find me. I also have for my self-publishing imprint, is the official Lance Star: Sky Ranger site, is the official home of the award-winning The Ruby Files, plus you can find me on social media at,,,,, and

MB: Thanks, Bobby!

BN: My pleasure, Mark. Thanks for the great questions.

Mark Bousquet: As always, thanks to Bobby for the interview, and a reminder that the best thing you can do to benefit an author who has written a book you enjoy is to leave a review at your bookseller of choice.


Gunfighter Gothic: Under Zeppelin Skies, from Mark Bousquet and Atomic Anxiety Press.

Gunfighter Gothic: Under Zeppelin Skies, from Mark Bousquet and Atomic Anxiety Press.

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