Adventures of the Five: The Christmas Engine 2-for-1 Offer

Adventures of the Five (Book 2): The Christmas Engine - Written by Mark Bousquet
Adventures of the Five (Book 2): The Christmas Engine – Written by Mark Bousquet

The first official release for Big Orange Toy Box is ADVENTURES OF THE FIVE: THE CHRISTMAS ENGINE, available now for the Kindle and in paperback form.

The official book description:

The Five are back!

It’s March in the Meadow and Christmas is the furthest thing from the minds of Farm the Half-Wolverine, Aurora the Fox, Jasper the Porcupine, Flake the Rabbit, and Notter the Otter. A visit from the Christmas Ghosts changes all that. The North Pole is under attack by unknown assailants, Santa Claus (both of them!) is dying, and it’s up to the Five to save Christmas!

The Five do not travel to the North Pole alone, however, as Aurora’s little sister, Pyxis, surprises them by tagging along. The young fox faces a series of trials alongside the Five she could never have imagined facing, and learns the value of friendship and the true meaning of sisterhood. Can Pyxis save Farm’s life, win the Reindeer Games, and become the Queen of the Polar Bears? Which member of the Five gets swallowed by a whale? Who discovers a buried secret deep below the North Pole? Can the Five save Santa Claus (both of them!)?

Joined by old friends and confronted by new enemies, it’s up to the Five to journey to the top of the world and stop the ancient evil contained within the Scarlet Nutcracker!

Big Orange Toy Box is a new imprint committed to quality, adventure-driven entertainment for an all ages audience.

THE CHRISTMAS ENGINE is the sequel to THE COMING OF FROST,which is available again for the Kindle and in paperback with a new cover and new interior formatting to make it easier to read and put it in line with the cover/layout of CHRISTMAS ENGINE.

And now for the special offers.*

Buy a paperback copy of the reformatted COMING OF FROST, take a picture of it when it arrives in the mail, email me that picture, and I will send you a free paperback copy of THE CHRISTMAS ENGINE. That’s it. I will lose money on this offer, as the profit I make from FROST will not quite cover the cost of me buying and sending your a copy of ENGINE, but I believe in these books and am willing to take a financial hit to help get them into people’s hands in the hopes that you’ll spread the word, either through leaving a comment here or a review at your bookseller of choice or simply talking the books up with your friends.

If you don’t want to buy FROST (or already own the previous format) but do want to buy ENGINE, buy it and repeat all the photo stuff up above and I will send you a free paperback copy of my other kid’s novel, STUFFED ANIMALS FOR HIRE: THE CHRISTMAS OPERATION.

To repeat, buy FROST, get ENGINE. Or buy ENGINE, get STUFFED ANIMALS.

If you buy a Kindle version of any one of those books and email me ( a picture of the book on your Kindle bookshelf or an image of your Amazon receipt, and I will email you a free .pdf copy of your choice of one of the other two books.

*The nitty-gritty: Due to cost concerns, the 2-for-1 paperback deal applies only to people who can have the books shipped to the Continental United States (no Alaska or Hawaii, sorry). I’ll be shipping these direct from Amazon, so it’s just not economically feasible to send them around the world. The Kindle/.pdf offer applies to anyone anywhere with an email address, however.

NOTE: THIS OFFER EXPIRES ON FEBRUARY 28, 2014 or after 50 paperback redemptions, whichever comes first. That means I must have the picture of your book in my email inbox ( by the 28th of February, 2014, or you must be one of the first 50 people to claim the offer to be eligible to receive your free copy. I will post a notification if that latter limit is reached and I will honor anyone who has purchased a book prior to the date of that notification, even if it takes me beyond 50. This offer is also limited to one redemption per person.

Any questions, just ask. Anyone who is an established reviewer or blogger may contact me to receive a free .pdf copy of THE CHRISTMAS ENGINE. Just provide me the details of where you review or blog and I’ll be happy to send you the .pdf. Again, I’m trying to spread the word about my new venture. I’d also be happy to do interviews about the project.

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you’ll consider giving my ADVENTURES OF THE FIVE series a look, and if you do, I hope you enjoy. All feedback is welcome.

Adventures of the Five (Book One): The Coming of Frost - Written by Mark Bousquet
Adventures of the Five (Book One): The Coming of Frost – Written by Mark Bousquet