Atomic Interview #16: Talking THE HALLOWEEN TERROR OF WEATSBORO with Ralph Angelo, Jr.

The Halloween Terror of Weatsboro (2013) – Written by Ralph Angelo, Jr.

Welcome back, everyone, for the 16th installment of my Atomic Interview series. If you’re new to the Anxiety, pull up a chair and join us for a bit. There’s plenty of good interviews with some really talented creative folks and a movie review or 800 to keep you interested.

Since I last talked to Ralph back in Atomic Interview #10 about REDEMPTION OF THE SORCERER, Ralph has been incredibly productive, releasing two novels: Torahg the Warrior: Sword of Vengeance and The Cagliostro Chronicles. Today, we’re talking about Ralph’s brand new Halloween novella, THE HALLOWEEN TERROR OF WEATSBORO, available in ebook format.

Mark Bousquet: Thanks for joining me, Ralph. What’s going on in THE HALLOWEEN TERROR OF WEATSBORO?

Ralph Angelo, Jr.: An ancient unresolved spell has been brewing for 150 years. Now’s the time it will see fruition. The spell has been cast by a nest of vampires long hidden in the mountains and forests of Pennsylvania. If this all comes to pass it could mean the end of life as we know it. We may go from being the dominant species to being the main course at a buffet table!

Mark: What inspired/possessed you to write a novella specifically for Halloween?

Ralph: It was spur of the moment, Mark. I decided Tuesday night I wanted to try to write a short story in a day and publish. I was in the Halloween ‘spirit,’ you might say, and I had this flicker of an idea. My original goal was a simple 5,000 word story. Well I more than doubled that in the course of about 28 hours. I could have gone further with it, too. My thought (t least for now) is that I may be writing about 6-9 more of these short stories and collect them in one volume that I’ll publish next September. Let’s see if that happens. Right now it’s just an idea. But this was all about challenging myself to write a complete short story and get it up on Kindle in one day. I went a few hours over, but I also went twice as long as I originally intended.

Mark: How does this novella compare to your latest novels?

Ralph: It’s similar in structure in that there’s a big evil out there, but this one is supernatural. This book is all about things that go bump in the night and has a bunch of the old Universal type monsters running around in it: vamperes, werewolves, even the Frankenstein monster, though I don’t call him that because I don’t know what the legality of his situation is. Suffice to say, people will very easily recognize the patchwork monster which is all stitched together and growling incoherently.

Mark: What are the parts of Halloween you like best?

Ralph: Oh definitely dressing up and handing out candy to the kids. I love that part of it. I’m still a big kid at heart and I freely admit to that. In fact I’m sitting here wearing a Green Lantern Costume as I type this.

Mark: What are the best and worst costumes you’ve ever worn?

Ralph: Oh God, I really can’t think of any one I would term as ‘Bad’ as an adult. I’ve actually had good experiences wearing costumes for Halloween. About 4 years ago I went out to dinner on Halloween, and because I’m a BBQ junkie, I went to ‘Famous Dave’s’ I was wearing a Spider-Man costume. A man walked up to me who was probably in his 30’s. He was obviously mentally challenged. He stuck his hand out and thanked me for my TV shows and told me he loved watching them. I shook his hand and smiled; I had the mask off at this point because I was eating, but it made his day to talk to Spider-Man. And it made me feel pretty good too. Then I wore a Thor costume a few years and kids would want to get pictures with me on my driveway. This is the second year with the Green Lantern costume and kids seem to like it a lot, especially the light up ring. I enjoy Halloween. It’s usually a blast.

Mark: Thanks, Ralph! Folks, you can check out THE HALLOWEEN TERROR OF WEATSBORO and all of Ralph’s published works at his Amazon Author’s page.


Haunting of Kraken Moor CoverAnd that’s it for the latest Atomic Interview! Thanks to Ralph for joining me, and remember, if you like an author’s work, there’s nothing you can do to help spread the word better than leaving them a review at your bookseller of choice!

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