Original Fiction from Atomic Anxiety Press: Adventures of the Five and Harpsichord & the Wormhole Witches

For your perusal, I have several original fiction collections now available in electronic format for the Kindle and through booksellers everywhere:

Available in paperback for US $11, and the Kindle edition is available for $2.99. HARPSICHORD is also available for a free borrow for Amazon Prime members.

Ever date a guy whose mom thought you weren’t good enough for him? Yes? Then you have something in common with Harpsichord.

Ever have an ex-boyfriend’s mom pay to have your classmates attack you, drug you, put you on a prison ship, and exile you to the far reaches of space where you fall in with a bunch of escaped convicts, become the enemy of a band of witches, fight living shadows and genocidal robots, and get attacked by nightmarish creatures born in the cooling chaos at the origin of the universe? No? Then you have nothing in common with Harpsichord.

Exiled to the Deep, Harp is manipulated and used by those who want to turn her enhanced abilities into a weapon of war. After her prison ship explodes, Harp is rescued by Simon, an ex-Secret Service femme fatale exiled for assassinating a world leader, and captured by Dash, a roguish bounty hunter hired to bring them to the Gulag. Pulling all their strings is the Warden, a man with designs on turning his prison population into an army. He wants Harp as his showpiece, but she just wants to get home and settle up with a vengeful ex-boyfriend and his psychotic mom.

Preferably with lots of punching.

Seems like a lot for one soul to handle, but Harp’s gonna learn this is just another day in the Deep.

And here’s a link to a very positive review of HARPSCHORD & THE WORMHOLE WITCHES from RevolutionSF.com!


Available in paperback for US $20 and on the Kindle for US $2.99.

Atomic Anxiety’s flagship production is an all-ages tale of five furry friends trying to stop an evil human from conquering the fantasy realm of Wonderland 31.

Thirty years ago, Johnson Frost was just a kid from the Real who got lost and ended up in the Fantasy, where he was to meet his destiny by saving the Wonderland 31. When it was time to go home, however, Johnson refused, hiding in the mountains where he helped the Yetis battle the Nutcracker Army for control of Wonderland. Eventually defeated and exiled back into our world, the once wide-eyed kid grew into a bitter adult with dreams of making himself king!

In the present, a new generation of kids visit Wonderland 31. Farm the Half-Wolverine, Aurora the Fox, Jasper the Porcupine, Flake the Rabbit, and Notter the Otter find the entrance while exploring abandoned miner’s tunnels inside the Western Mountain. They encounter a world of Nutcrackers and Yetis, of Marshmallow Bogs and Gingerbread Castles, and learn that Frost is coming back to conquer Wonderland with his Army of Invasives!

It’s up to the Five to stop him. Ignored by their parents and the Meadow’s Elders Council, the Five embark on the most dangerous adventure of their young lives to save both their home and a world they only just discovered!