GAIKING MOVIE TRAILER: They Made a Live-Action Gaiking Movie? Where Do I Buy My Ticket?

Gaiking (2012? 2013?) – Directed by James Urbach – Starring Who the Hell Knows.

If you’re a regular reader here at the Anxiety, you know I’ve been in a bit of a nostalgic mood lately: Transformers, The Hobbit, Star Blazers, Spider-Man, Voltron … all parts of my childhood back in the ’70s and ’80s and all reassessed in the past few weeks.

I was also a fan of the FORCE FIVE cartoon, which was five different Japanese shows rolled into one anthology: Gaiking, Dangard Ace, Starvengers, Grandizer, and Spaceketeers. I barely remember the show, but I remember a few of the big robots, and the one that I remember liking the best was GAIKING.

Because it was a giant robot space dragon. And a giant robot. Maybe they were the same? I don’t know. Look, there was a giant robot space dragon and a giant robot with a dragon’s head for his chest. How awesome was that? Answer: Very.

I haven’t seen the cartoon since I was a kid, and since GAIKING was only one of the five cartoons they showed, it was only on 20% of the time. According to the Never Wrong, I was lucky to get even that, since FORCE FIVE didn’t have a huge syndication package.

But still … giant robot space dragon. That sticks with you.

And now it’s back. A message from a friend this morning had me looking around the net for GAIKING info and look what I found – a teaser for a live-action GAIKING movie? Are you freaking kidding me? How awesome is that? Unfortunately, this is just about all the information I can find. I’m sure there must be some website somewhere with complete information, because the IMDB page for GAIKING is … as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard.

But this teaser looks pretty darn awesome. I mean, yeah, it shows NOTHING. It shows a bunch of lights turning on and switches being flipped and someone in black leather pulling on levers and pavement getting pushed up from below (sucks to be those cars, I guess), and then the giant, freaking GAIKING robot emerging from the Earth to stand in the middle of a city street and look freaking awesome.

Now, granted, AICN apparently had this story a year ago, so I’m sort of like the guy who calls you and demands to know, “Holy crap? Have you heard of Honey Nut Cheerios? Best! Cereal! Ever!” But I don’t remember any of you telling me about it, so I’m guessing maybe you don’t know.

Or care.

Let’s go with you not knowing.

I hope GAIKING gets a release date in the U.S. Heck, I hope the movie actually really exists.

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9 thoughts on “GAIKING MOVIE TRAILER: They Made a Live-Action Gaiking Movie? Where Do I Buy My Ticket?

  1. I know nothing of Gaiking (aside from what is in your post) except that the theme song of the second animated series was performed by my beloved Psychic Lover. Who also performed something else you’ll see if you look at my G+ stream at the time and date of this comment. :P

    I had never heard of Force Five, but I do very much love Dangard Ace and should, theoretically, like Gaiking. But US movies based on Japanese properties always scare me – surely you saw the horrifying trailer for the now-abandoned Gatchaman CGI feature film?


  2. Force Five was my favorite shows but my favorites out of them were Gaiking, Grendizer and Starvengers. The other two not so much. I thought Danguard Ace looked stupid and I didn’t like the music. I don’t know why these movies aren’t being made instead of transformers. They were way cooler than transformers and more powerful and larger. And they were also before transformers. These are the originals. Grendizer was my favorite out of all of them but still like Gaiking.


  3. I think Gaiking will be on cinemas everywhere at the end of 2012. And maybe it will be a lot better than michael Bay’s Transformers. I like this woman in a “catsuit”.


  4. ORION QUESTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! *pretends he pulls a double sickle from his shoulders and starts hacking robots up*

    Did I mention my favorite was Grandizer? God, I haven’t seen one of those in 30 years. I know what I’m doing with the rest of the afternoon.


  5. G-force( what appears to be called gotchaman, ultraman and goldar the space giant for me, and of course speed racer then later the American release known as Robotech, people actually died in that show. most US shows were not so violent and had to go by certain educational requirements, most kids were yelling Go Joe, i was yelling protoculture, and yes i am very old!


  6. The Great Space Dragon’s head would detach to become Gaiking’s torso. Gaiking’s limbs were stored in the Dragon’s cargo bay and launch separately when it was time for Gaiking to combine.


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