July Reviewing Note: Who, Trek, Avengers, and the Guy They Named After the Dog

For regular readers of ATOMIC ANXIETY and anyone who might stumble across the blog, I thought I’d give an overview of what reviews are coming up for the next month or so now that I’ve finished off the James Bond marathon. (And yeah, I’ve still got the original Casino Royale to go, but that’s not really part of the overall Bond family – I’ll get to it when I’m in the mood for it.) But there is a plan to what’s coming so in order to help you figure out if you want to keep coming back, here’s where my reviews will be focused for July:

1. The THIRD DOCTOR serials. Reviewing the Third Doctor is alternately easy and hard, considering that there’s still a good number of his serials still not on DVD, some are on DVD, and some are available for streaming on Netflix. Now, some of these can be watched via VHS copies (or YouTube) so I’ll hunt around and review what I can find, but if it’s not on DVD, I might skip it and then review it whenever it finally gets released on DVD in the future. Reviewing the Pertwee episodes is my primary focus, but because of the different delivery methods, it’s not always going to seem like it.

2. STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES Season 2. Now that STAR TREK is on Netflix Instant Watch, I can get back to reviewing this very hit and miss show. As I explained at the time, I’ve never watched full episodes of STAR TREK before (I’d watch it here and there when I was a kid and was unbelievably bored by it), so this isn’t so much a re-watch as a first watch. Because I can watch them whenever I have a chance and because each episode is 45 minutes or so instead of 2 1/2 hours, you’re certainly going to see more TOS reviews than WHO reviews.

3. AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES Season 1. I was pleasantly surprised to see this appear on Netlfix’s Instant Watch as quickly as it has, and I mean to watch it before it disappears. I won’t review every episode, but I will likely tackle it four or five episodes at a time – whatever seems to make sense at the time. I’ve got a few reviews written from when the show first appeared, but not having cable made it too difficult to keep up with the show online, and now I’ve got the whole show to go through.

4. The INDIANA JONES movies. Granted, there’s only four of them so it won’t take too long to get through, but they are definitely on the agenda.

Beyond that I’m sure there will be the usual assortment of randomly selected movies that get reviewed, depending on what’s available that I’m in the mood for on a given night. The DC Animated Movies are always worth a watch, and I’ve been in a John Carpenter mood so there’s still plenty of randomness to come. I’ve got one more episode of Season 1 of TORCHWOOD to review, and I’ll probably fold in the odd episode of Season 2 here and there, but TORCHWOOD is one of those shows that I tend to have to be in the mood to watch – when I am I’ll plow through 3 or 4 episodes, but then I might lose interest for a week or two. I’ll fit them in around the Pertwee and Trek reviews more than anything else.

Thanks for reading, everyone.

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    • I’ve never seen much of Avengers, Chrys, but I have a friend who’s been watching them and really liking them so I’m sure I’ll watch them at some point. Let me know what you think of them.


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