Mark Bousquet:

I don’t just write reviews where I tell other people what they did right and wrong, I also write fiction so you can tell me what I do right and wrong. Right now, I’m writing a serialized “journal-as-novel” about a young woman from the American south who goes to work in a British castle in 1865. It’s like Downton Abbey, except with demons and werewolves and vampires and dirty sex. Head on over to the dedicated THE HAUNTING OF KRAKEN MOOR page to check out the story. Thanks, all!

Originally posted on The Haunting of Kraken Moor:

Little was said throughout the day. Any plans for the raid of the Dolphinae house were pushed to the rear of our thoughts. We took turns watching Julie’s body, which we had washed in the kitchen and then brought upstairs to place in her bed. Her body was under great stress, and Poseidon used his medicines to help keep her body calm, giving it time to repair itself.

Truly, the human body is an incredible machine.

Vampire,” Poseidon reminded me when I said those words to him. “A human woman would have been dead on the table.”

Those were the only words that passed between us this day.

As night descends, it is Poseidon who watches Julie’s body. Behind me, in my bed, sleeps her brother. When I put down this quill, I will join him.

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