Mark Bousquet:

One week, 10,000 words written for THE HAUNTING OF KRAKEN MOOR, THE JOURNAL OF BEATRICE SHARPER, my new, freely available online series. Follow the link to read Part 7.

Originally posted on The Haunting of Kraken Moor:

Despite my headache, I reported for duty at 7 AM as expected. Mrs. Cotts insisted I take a day for bed rest, but even though I had survived the night without dreaming of the marble wolfman, I had no desire to do anything that would increase the immediate likelihood of he and I coming into contact. There was something about this house that affected dreams in ways I did not understand. I know I have a tendancy tendency to act sharply and passionately at a moment’s notice, and so I have developed a counter tendency to educate myself in quieter moments. Given that there are mysterious events inside Kraken Moor, it seems inevitable that I shall eventually act hotly, and thus I need to be prepared for that occurrence.

Still, I have been hired to work and I do not intend to shirk my duties.

The three members of staff…

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